If you are looking for amazing Christmas party ideas then you may find this shortlist of cool Christmas party venues in London useful. Christmas party venue in London vary greatly in style, size and theme, with the most popular Christmas party venues often selling out very early in the year. So don’t wait around and start planning your Christmas party today!

Christmas Party Venue Finding Ideas

Regardless of whether you are looking to hold your Christmas party in London or anywhere else in the world, the first thing to do is to work out your event brief. How many guests do you expect (think about highest and lowest expected numbers), what budget are you working with (being clear about this will save you from wasting time exploring unsuitable venues), location (London is big, so find somewhere accessible for your guests before and after the event) and the date. The most popular dates fro Christmas parties are Thursday and Fridays in December, which sell out very quickly. The first two weeks of December often work best as guests tend to have lots on, or may have booked time off closer to Christmas. If you are looking for the best deals then a Monday is a great date to get a deal at venues, although keep in mind that many guests will not appreciate a party followed by four days of work. We have some great Christmas  party venue ideas for you below and you can also get in touch with our team here if you need more Christmas party venue ideas!

Need A Hand?

Whether you are planning an elegant awards dinner or are looking for unique ways to surprise your guests, it is always a good idea to get in touch with our team event planners who will be able to help you find the perfect awards venue to fit your brief.

Christmas Party Venue Ideas

If you are looking for an amazing Xmas party ideas then you have come to the right place! Regardless of whether you are looking to hold your Xmas party in London or anywhere else in the world, the first thing to think about is how many guests are going to be in attendance.

The reason we say this, is that there are two main categories of Xmas parties. First, you have the shared Christmas parties, which are generally perfect for groups of less than around 80-100 guests. The reason that shared Xmas parties are fantastic for smaller parties and companies is that they allow you to split the costs of venue hire and entertainment between a larger amount of people. The great thing about this, as you will see, is that even if you have a small group of people there are still a huge range of fantastic Xmas party ideas out there that will suit your size and suit almost every budget.

Keep in mind, that these ready-made themed events are also generally available for exclusive events, although the dates available for shared parties would not typically be available as people start to book their spaces VERY early in the year.