When looking for summer party venues London has plenty to choose from and it is always advisable to choose a summer party venue with a good wet weather backup alternative.

Having a planned our fair share of summer parties and summer soirée events in London, there have been numerous occasions where the city has lived up to its reputation and the skies have opened. It is quite a nervy experience when you have hundreds making their way to your summer soirée in outdoor summer venue, whilst looking out the window as the rain clouds start to gather in the sky.

The Weather Outside is Weather

To put it bluntly, there is no way of knowing whether the weather is going to be sun or rain, cloudy or clear and so it is important to plan accordingly. You may also be surprised to learn that holiday weather websites note that even in August there are expected to be 13 rain days!

Fortunately London is blessed with some incredible summer party venues that have equally welcoming and wonderful wet weather backup areas that can be used if it does rain. Here you will find some of our favourite summer spaces that cover all bases and if you need more ideas, you will find them in our summer party venue section, or in our recent blog post about some of our favourite summer soirée spaces this year.

Event planners don’t care what the weatherman says because if the weatherman says it’s raining, we are taking this party inside!