Wedding Reception Venues

If you are looking for wedding reception venues London is home to a fantastic range, from grand manors featuring ongoing beautiful gardens, to elegant central London buildings fit for kings and queens!

If you are searching for your own wedding reception venues London will be full of wonderful surprises for you and congratulations from all of us here at Love Events! One very important word of advice from us, is that you are completely entitled to get your bridesmaid, sister, or any other unsuspecting family member to search the venues. Just send them a link to this page and tell them the following tips:

– Winter Weddings are often much cheaper in London, so if you are not too fussed about standing outside (remember you are never guaranteed good weather in the UK anyway) you will get amazing deals in those less popular winter months.

– For those who do desire a summer wedding, do keep the unpredictable weather in mind and find a venue with a great indoor space if  * touch wood * their is a spot of rain you will take it in your stride.

Or if you are looking for wedding reception venues in London for someone else, be it your brother, sister, daughter, son, friend or anyone else, then well done to you for being so lovely. Well done, as well, for finding your way here, to the best selection of wedding reception venues London has to offer.

A wedding reception venues in London may, in some cases, not have a civil ceremony license, so if this is an essential part of the big day do check this out. 

So whether you are looking for a traditional wedding reception venue, unusual wedding reception venue or Asian wedding reception venues London features a great selection of venues of all different shapes and sizes.