Unusual Conference Room Ideas

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A good conference room needs to be vibrant and lively enough to put your guests in the right frame of mine, whilst not being so gob-smacking that when guests look mystified when asked what they thought of the presentation.

Similar to how a good author frames a story, creating a compelling second narrative that adds another dimension to the narrative; a good event planner should be able to place a conference or presentation in a venue that will help the conference message stand out in the minds of attendees when they tell people about it further down the line.

We feel these slightly unusual conference room options below will awaken the minds of guests, without distracting them too much. Swipe left or right on the slides to see  our top unexpected conference room picks for events in London. Click on each slide to see that venues full profile…

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A conference room doesn’t always have to be a hotel function room. We find that every day we are received more and more requests from corporate clients who are looking for something different. People are bored of looking at the same type of screen in the same type of venue.

In fact, if you like the thought of having your conference in the venues above, then why not consider stepping it up a notch and browsing through our more unusual London venues or funky London venues. Surprise all of your guests in a good way and make the next conference room you hire something different!