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If you are planning an event and want to get in touch with your creative side then check out this selection of amazing blank canvas venues in London. We have shortlisted some of the most popular and some of our most favourite blank canvas event spaces in London that are the perfect setting for a wide range of events and can be tailored to your own preference, whether you are planning on using external suppliers or are able to do your own event production and design.

Although blank canvas venues can offer event planners a blank slate to get creative with, many of the best blank canvas venues in London will have their own unique characteristics and charm that will still lend itself to any theme or style of event. When decorating a blank canvas venue it is important to choose equipment, furniture and lighting that work together with your theme and complement the venues style. Every event is different and so it is a good idea to run your ideas past some event planning experts if you are unsure and our team are here to help! So get in touch and we will be delighted to help you find the perfect blank canvas venue for your event.

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Whether you are looking for a blank canvas venue in East London, West London, North London or South London, or anywhere in the centre of London our team have plenty of amazing options for you to choose from. The quickest way to find a blank canvas venue is to fill in one of the contact forms on our website and our team will be able to look at your preferences and suggest a selection of blank canvas venues to suit your event brief. Alternatively you can use the explore page on our website and browse through hundreds of outstanding blank canvas venues all across the city until you find one that you think will suit your event. Remember that when choosing a blank canvas venue, the capacity does not take into consideration all of the furniture and production that you will be bringing and so it is a good idea to leave some extra space for all of the extra things you wish to add to your event design.