More and more often, we find that students are being empowered to find their own prom venues in London and we think that is fantastic! So first things first… If you are not a student looking for a prom venue then consider putting a small team of youngsters together to do it! You will give them valuable experience for their cv, let them choose the prom venue they want and save yourself a job too! London is a diverse and wonderful city, so you will find amazing prom venues in our funky venues area, our hidden gems area and our private party section, although we the think the prom venues in the slides below are really, really good! Hover over any of the venue images below to see the venue name and click on them to open the venues profile page! So whether you are students looking for your perfect prom venues in London, or a dedicated teacher who is a bit too scared to delegate, remember to be very clear what your budget is from the start. Also, check that your potential prom venues are easily accessible for guests, can cater for the number of guests you are expecting (both indoors and outdoors) and have catering options that are suitable for a younger crowd, such as mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and creative canapé and bowl food options. The biggest thing to remember however, is that the venue will need to have lots of space and a dance floor for guests to party and dance the night away! Have fun 🙂