For those times when exclusivity is key, this fantastic selection of private venue hire options at the bottom of this post will give event planners plenty to choose from.

When looking for private venue hire ideas, remember that there is usually a price to pay for exclusivity and so a good starting point is to look for venues that are similar (but slightly over) the expected number of guests you are planning to receive. This is particularly important for smaller events, where the cost per person can become very high when looking to hire venues privately. In this case you may find the small venues section of our website useful.

London has such a diverse range of Private event spaces available to hire that it is important to step back and think about the goals that you have for your event. If you are planning a private party or celebration then this is very personal and relaxed and therefore it should reflect the personality of those being celebrated, or reflect the achievements being acknowledged, or just fit in with the theme of that you are going for.

For corporate events what events, where there are multiple stakeholders, the point above about finding a venue that fits in with what you are trying to achieve is much more important. If you are looking to impress people then it is important to align your brand with a venue that reflects its image.

If you are a young and vibrant company that is always looking for cutting-edge ideas, then check out these funky venues or these creative events spaces for some ideas that will surprise your guests.

Or if your brand values include being the best and offering the highest levels of service, then consider these beautiful venues or these spectacular unique venues in London, all available for private venue hire.

One of the trends for corporate companies over the last year is to move away from presenting to prospective clients and customers in a traditional conference or seminar style and instead to invite them to a more relaxed reception or celebration, such as a seated banquet, where the emphasis is not on promoting and selling but thanking and inviting guests to be a part of something bigger than the end product.

Whatever the events you are planning on you will find plenty of private venue hire ideas here and many more throughout the website. Simply use the navigation bar at the top of this page to find tune your search to the type of event or style of venue that you are searching for.