So we are feeling a bit sad about the fact that summer is almost over.  And when we are feeling down there is one thing that we HAVE to do… PARTY! That’s right, find any excuse, whether it is a Christmas party , birthday party or any kind of party you can think of. It is time to gather your favourite people and pick up all of those shapes that you threw at the last party! But first you need a venue, so here are some great places to hire for parties in London:  Everyone’s party is different, so if you have a specific number of guests in mind then try out our advanced search form below. It should give you a sexy selection of soirée settings, party places or vibing venues that are just right for your number of guests. For those who prefer to browse through stunning images of amazing London venues then the collection of various party venues below might be very useful too! We hope that helped and at least will have given you some great ideas for you next celebration. With so many places to hire for parties all across London, remember to make it accessible to your guests and most importantly, check they can make your favourite cocktail!