You may be surprised to learn about the incredible palaces for hire in London for a wide range of events and functions, from private parties to weddings, through to a wide range of corporate events that require stunning surroundings. On this page you will find a list of some of our favourite palaces for hire in London, ranging in size and style quite dramatically from venue to venue. We believe that these venues are particularly good for a magical wedding! Our team at LOVE Events gets asked on a regular basis to find the best castle venues surrounding London for our wedding couples. You can find out why we think that these palaces are better than castles in our in this (only a little serious) blog post Palaces vs Castles. If you are looking for magnificent venue for your event then this list of the best palaces in London for hire will surely give you a few great ideas. You will also find a range of similar amazing venues in our shortlist of the best Livery Halls in London, which also feature lavish interiors, typically with some outdoor space and steeped in history and character. If you have any great pictures of any of the palaces in London that you have visited then please do tweet us here, and we would love to see your camera work!