Stunning Outdoor Wedding Venues

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For those couples who want to feel the wind on their face as they say their vows, yet don’t want to purchase one of those handheld fans (you know, the ones that spin and squirt water when you press the button), this selection of stunning outdoor wedding venues will be the next best thing!

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In London, outdoor wedding venues can range from large estates with acres of beautiful grounds, to palaces with gob-smacking royal gardens, to halls with hidden gem garden areas, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

In fact you will even find spectacular outdoor wedding venues way above you as you walk through London, in the secret, secluded roof terraces and roof gardens. Whilst the collection of our favourite outdoor wedding venues above should give you some great ideas, you will find a more complete list of venues with gardens and outdoor space here.

Congratulations from all of us at London Venues Group, to those recently engaged. Remember that if you are looking for outdoor wedding venues in London, there is a damn good chance there will be at least a little rain. So unless you plan to buy all of your guests umbrella hats (you know, like baseball caps with mini umbrellas sticking out the top) we strongly advise you choose a venue with an indoor area to fall back to.

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