Despite being a big city, London has a huge selection of outdoor event space to choose from for events. Both in the outskirts of North London, West London, East London and South London, where you will find magnificent historic buildings with expansive and well-kept grounds, and also in central London, the West End and the City of London where you will be surprised how many stunning and often secret outdoor events spaces are hidden away and ready to be used for events. In a city where space is incredibly valuable, event planners can also look to the skies, to find a wonderful and surprising selection of roof terraces dotted around the city that are available to use as outdoor event space. One of the great things about outdoor venues in London is that they are often connected to very impressive indoor spaces as well, such as the beautiful terrace at RIBA venues, the secluded terrace at BL-NK and the secret garden new for 2016 at Drapers’ Hall. This is lucky, as weather is not that predictable in our wonderful city and so a good backup plan for the occurrence of rain is always a good idea!