Networking Event Venues London

If you are looking for interesting, unusual and captivating networking event venues London is going to have plenty of amazing options for you to choose from. When planning your networking event there are a few simple rules to follow to make sure that you create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere to make your guests feel comfortable and get the conversation flowing.

London Venues For Networking Events

Networking Venue Tip #1 – make sure the networking event venue is the right size. This can usually be quite a challenge, as it is often very difficult to judge how many guests are going to attend your networking event. If you invite 100 guests to your networking event then you may find that only 30 guests actually turn up on the day.

If you have planned the event before then you will hopefully have an idea of the percentage of people that were invited who did not attend (this is the drop out rate). This can be used as a guide as to how many people you should expect to attend.

It is then sensible to hire a venue that is big enough to hold the  number of guests that you expect, plus a buffer. If you are unsure about numbers or have not done in this networking event before then think about hiring a networking event venue that has two or three smaller interconnected areas, so that you have a backup just in case more people do attend than you expected too. It is also best to avoid large open plan at venues such as large halls, with high ceilings, unless you are confident that you will fill it up with people. Having a room that is nicely filled, and not too cramped or spread out, will help create a great networking atmosphere.

Network Event Venue Tip #2 – another really useful thing to think about when looking for a networking event venue is to create a talking point for your guests.

Unless you are a super-confident “networker” and socialite, you will probably have found yourself in a situation before where you run out of things to say with someone. This can be a little awkward and is something that you, as a event planner, can help alleviate by selecting venues with lots of character. For example you may decide to use an art gallery, with wonderful artwork that people can discuss and connect with eachother about. Or perhaps a London venue with panoramic views of the city for people to enjoy and point out places together.

If you were looking for fantastic talking points then you can also find plenty of interesting venues with talking points in the funky Venues section or in the unique venues section.

For more networking event planning tips, get in touch with our team at LOVE Events for free support and venue finding advice. You will also find a selection of some of the greatest networking events venues London has to offer here on this page