Sometimes, the main focus of an event is not the food and wine, or the presentation to your clients, or the intricately adorned venue walls that make your guests tingle every time they think of your brand. No, sometimes what we really want when we are looking for a venue is somewhere that will make our body’s rumble with bass, a venue that will turn our ordinary shoes into dancing boots and an event space that will allow us to throw away all those shapes we have picked up over the year. This selection of music venues for events would be absolutely perfect for private parties, corporate shin-digs, Christmas Parties or dinner dances. Other events that might fit in well are exciting, lively product launches and funky awards ceremonies. Everyone is going to have a fantastic time, so you really can’t go wrong. You will probably already have heard of some of the iconic music venues above. In particular, we love the idea of holding events at Abbey Road Studios, which has that really exclusive, VIP feel. That being said, The Ministry of Sound is a surprisingly versatile and flexible event with so much built-in audio-visual equipment that you can really make a lasting impact on your guests (and their eardrums). With wonderful new music venues in London popping up all the tie, we would love to hear from you on twitter with any other music venues  that you think would be a fantastic location for unusual events. Let’s rock!