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London Venue Capacity Guide

Searching for venues by capacity is essential when planning an event in London. There are several different ways to search for venues by capacity and one of the most efficient and reliable ways is to use the website Venues.London. This is the leading website for unique, large and exclusive event venues in London with a focussed portfolio of the best venues available for hire in The Capital. Our venue search platform allows you to filter venues by capacity, location, and type of event, making it easy to find the perfect venue for your event. This makes it easy to find a venue that meets all your requirements, whether you’re looking for a conference venue, a venue for your private or corporate party, or event space for any other event from product launches, to awards dinners.

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As we have many visitors searching for 500 capacity venues, or 1000 capacity venues in London, up to 5000 capacity venue hire ideas and even larger, we have created this ultimate London venue capacity guide to make finding the perfect London venue with the right capacity as easy as possible for you! So whether you are searching for a 250 capacity event space in Central London, a 2000 capacity venue for your Christmas party, or any other capacity venues in London, start your venue search here!

200 Capacity – 500 Capacity Venues in London

Here is a selection of our favourite 200 capacity, 300 capacity, 400 capacity, up to 500 capacity London venue hire options to suit a wide range of events, with a link below to view many more event venues that can hold between 200 and 500 guests. The types of events that suit 200 – 500 capacity venues tend to be large corporate parties, conferences, awards dinners, charity & gala dinners, large hybrid events and other private events with lots of guests.

500 Capacity – 1000 Capacity Venues in London

Here we have a selection of the most popular 500 capacity venues in London up to 1000 capacity London venues to hire for events, with a link below to view many more event venues that can hold between 500 and 1000 guests. Most of the enquiries we receive for venues of this size tend to be conferences, some of the largest corporate parties, launch parties, gala awards dinners, and large weddings.

1000 Capacity – 2000 Capacity Venues in London

As we start to look at some of the largest London venues with capacities ranging from 1000 guests to 2000 guests, the types of events that require such big venues are typically corporate parties for the biggest UK and international companies, large conferences and hybrid events, exhibitions and public events and a handful of weddings and private celebrations. If you would like to search more venues that can hold 1000 guests, 1500 guests or up to 2000 capacity venues then follow the link below the shortlist.

2000 Capacity – 3000 Capacity Venues in London

Although London does have many 2000 to 3000 capacity venues, the venues of this size that we would recommend for the types of events that our visitors are planning is fairly limited. To find a 2000 capacity venue in London that is suitable for a specific type of event can be a challenge, so follow the link below to find more 2000 – 3000 capacity London venues. From large conferences and awards events, to conferences, exhibitions and public events, these 2000-3000 capacity venues may be a great fit.

3000 – 5000+ Capacity Venues in London

Now for some of the biggest capacity venues available to hire in London. If you are planning such a huge event in London then you almost certainly know what you are doing and we are glad that you are here. Below we have a small selection of the most popular 3000 capacity – 5000 capacity venues in London, with a link below to search more of London’s largest capacity venues. Whether you are planning a large conference, an enormous corporate party, or an exhibition or other B2B or B2C event then we hope that this selection of the biggest capacity venues in London is helpful for your search.

Search Large Capacity London Venues

In order to list the best London venues by capacity on this page, we have sorted the venue capacity by standing capacity. Depending on the format of your event this might not be the best approach and so we have made it super easy for you to filter London venues by standing capacity, seating capacity and theatre style conference capacity in our Venues.London advanced venue search tool here.

Event & Venue Capacity Calculator

Before searching for London venues by capacity here on Venues.London, it is important to confirm the required capacity for your event. It is important to keep in mind that if you require a 200 capacity venue or a 500 capacity venue then it is not always as simple as searching for venues of this size. Consider all of the equipment that you require and ay other layout requirements that will eat into the venue space. If you are planning an awards dinner for 300 guests and require a separate space for a reception before the meal, then you will need a venue with a space that can comfortably hold 300 guests standing and another space that can hold 300 guests seated with space for a stage. Our friends at Cvent have put together a useful guide about finding the right size capacity for your event with their event capacity calculator guide here. However, a good rule of thumb that is used by our team at Venues.London is to search for venues with a capacity that is 10% bigger than your maximum number of guests (which can be increased depending on the amount of production and other space eating activities that you have planned). Keep in mind your visitor dropout rate, which if you do not have any data about then try and gather this information for next time. Good luck with your venue search and if you need some help finding a large capacity venue for your event then use the enquiry form on this page to send your event brief to our team, who will be happy to help!

Venue Capacity Search

Find a London venue with the perfect capacity here, with lists of the best venues in each venue capacity range, additional recommended set capacity venues and search venues ordered by their standing capacity size here!

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