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London, the epicentre of history, art, and diversity, is synonymous with magnificent events in breathtaking venues. Searching for large venues in London requires careful thought, ensuring that location, accessibility, venue style and the venue offering are considered in your venue search and contribute to achieving your goals. As the size of your event increases, the selection of venues available to consider will decrease and so our extensive guide to large London venues featuring the best and most versatile big event spaces is an essential resource for any venue finder in London. Let this guide be your compass as you navigate the vast realm of London’s most esteemed large event venues.

Quickly navigate our guide to London’s top large venues for events:

Large venues in London are essential for big events, such as industry exhibitions, conferences, and large corporate or private events where many guests must be entertained in style. Luckily, if you are looking for large venues London has a superb variety and diversity of massive event spaces. From contemporary and blank canvas venues to historic and iconic large venues there will be plenty of venue options for your event brief in our guide below. 

Top Large Venues in London

From iconic landmarks steeped in history to modern architectural marvels, London is home to some of the most exceptional venues. If you’re looking for grandeur and opulence, you won’t be disappointed. With facilities ranging from catering to audio-visual aids, London’s venues are primed to transform any event into a landmark occasion.

London Venues 250-1000 Capacity

Events that wish to blend intimacy with grand scale need look no further. London boasts a myriad of venues that cater to this exact need. These spaces are especially sought after for events like product launches, private gatherings, and mid-sized corporate functions. They strike the perfect balance between expansiveness and exclusivity.

London Venues Over 1000 Capacity

Larger-than-life events demand venues to match. In this category, London’s venues truly outdo themselves. These colossal spaces aren’t just about size – they’re a testament to the city’s commitment to luxury, sophistication, and impeccable service standards. Whether you’re planning a grand gala, an industry exhibition, or a mega conference, these venues ensure your event is etched in the memories of all attendees.

Large Conference Venues

Conferences play pivotal roles in shaping industries, introducing innovations, and fostering collaborations. The significance of such events demands venues that are equipped not just in terms of space, but also in ambiance, facilities, and technology. London’s conference venues stand out for their strategic locations, state-of-the-art amenities, and a conducive environment that promotes knowledge exchange and networking.

Large Corporate Party Venues

After the grind of business, there’s nothing like a lavish corporate party to invigorate spirits. London’s corporate party venues are synonymous with elegance, entertainment, and luxury. From panoramic city views to historic backdrops, these venues offer the perfect setting to celebrate milestones and achievements in style.

Popular Large Awards Venues

Awards ceremonies are milestones that deserve an unmatched setting. London’s premier awards venues provide this and much more. Acclaimed for their architectural brilliance and top-tier facilities, they ensure every accolade is received amidst splendour and applause. The ambience, lighting, and acoustics of these venues elevate the experience, making them the top choices for award nights.

Large Venue Search Tips

Finding the perfect venue in a city as vast as London can seem daunting. However, with methodical planning and the right approach, your ideal venue is within reach:

  • Start Early: Large London venues will be booked early on popular dates. By starting your search for a large venue as early as possible, you will have a greater selection of venues, giving you more flexibility and negotiating power.
  • Site Visits: Photos and videos can only tell part of the story. Experience the venue firsthand. Consider your guests’ arrival and the logistics for hosting many guests.
  • Budgetary Constraints: Define your budget to filter out unsuitable options from the start. This is the number one cause of wasted time for our clients when budgets are not given from the start and multiple venues are explored further when they could have easily been ruled out from day one.
  • Facility Checks: Ensure the venue meets all logistical requirements from cloakrooms to catering spaces.
  • Feedback: Past experiences can offer a goldmine of insights. Rely on reviews and testimonials.
  • Backup Options: Event planning is unpredictable. Always have a Plan B.

Large London Venues For Your Next Event

Whether you are planning a large corporate party or a private event with many guests, or any other large event from a conference to an awards ceremony, there will be a large London venue to fit your event brief. When it comes to finding a large London venue, it is essential to take the time to conduct site visits and make sure that each potential venue is suited to your brief.

Whilst some large venues in London have the capacity to hold vast numbers of guests, it is essential to check that there are no potential problems or bottlenecks that might occur as you go through the planning process. For example, if you find a large Christmas event venue, then you should check that the venue has adequate cloakroom facilities to prevent all of your guests from waiting in the cold outside.

Similarly, if you are planning a large conference and find several large venue hire options with the capacity to hold your main presentation, you must also check that they have sufficient catering space for those numbers if required and good enough access and facilities to ensure that all of your guests have a great experience.


With Venues.London this process is made easier as our venues have been used by many event organisers for a wide range of events and whilst checks are still necessary, there is a much higher chance that you will find a versatile large venue to fit your event brief than using other venue search tools out there. If you are looking for large venues in London, which must mean you are either a successful and trusted event organiser, are an incredibly popular person, or just need A LOT of space for something! Either way, the best large venues London can offer are right here. You can also find some ideas and inspiration for planning large events here. If you need some help narrowing down all of these large venues available, then feel free to send an enquiry to our team of experts, and we will ask a selection of the best-suited large London venues to contact you with a proposal.

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