With the high price of real estate in the capital, many people might think that garden party venues in London are impossible to come across. However,  they would be very much mistaken, as London is home to some of the most beautiful, secret and secluded garden party venues available. As space is often a highly sought-after commodity in London, it is difficult to justify keeping garden spaces that could otherwise be turned into valuable property. As you might expect, the outskirts of London are home to some of the most fantastic large garden party venues located in the grounds of palaces, manor houses and other buildings that enjoy large and well-kept grounds. However, when it comes to garden party venues towards the middle of the city, you will start to find outdoor spaces in more unexpected locations, tucked away in secret spots, as well as above the city streets on the soaring rooftops. You will see from the selection of amazing summer garden venues below that there is plenty to choose from. Simply click through to see the venues profile and pictures of their garden spaces and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that London still has an abundance of beautiful green outdoor spaces. If you have recently been to a stunning garden party venue then tell us about it on Twitter as we would love to see pictures from your event!