It is becoming more and more popular for young couples to take the reigns and do things their own way… and dry hire wedding venues in London (as well as wet hire wedding venues) can allow for greater freedom with decisions such as catering, decoration, themeing and so on.

What is a dry hire venue?

Dry hire basically means hiring the venue as an empty shell, therefore not being tied to using a venue’s preferred (or in-house) caterer, AV company etc.

What is included will vary from venue to venue (e.g. some venue’s may have furniture that you can use) and there are generally restrictions, so do check. Wedding couples may decide to dry hire a wedding venue if they have a specific caterer in mind, think they can save money overall, or want to be very creative with the event, among other things! Tweet us if you have a different reason for dry hiring your wedding venue.

This selection of some of our favourite dry hire wedding venues in London should help you get your wedding venue search started and for more ideas you will find a more complete list of dry hire venues in London here (and at the bottom of the article!)

Things to think about when searching dry hire wedding venues…

When you are searching for a dry hire wedding venue (or dry hire wedding reception venue) there are lots of things to consider, such as making sure that the venue has all of the equipment and space that your caterers will need and that it is accessible enough for your suppliers and entertainment, not to mention the fact that some venues have restrictions on the suppliers that you will be able to bring in.

One of the best ways to be sure that all suppliers are happy and able to work at your chosen venue is to get them to visit the venue with you. This will allow them to discuss any possible issues (some that you may not even have thought about) with the venue before you sign on the dotted line.

We have put together a detailed guide for dry hiring a venue that we think will be very useful for couples searching for their perfect wedding venues, as well as any other event planners who are looking for dry hire venues.

Wherever you decide to have your wedding and wedding reception, we hope you have a wonderful day.

Oh… and congratulations!