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If you are searching for London venues for a drinks reception then we have a fantastic selection of drinks reception event spaces for you to choose from. Below you will find a shortlist of several popular and unique and surprising drinks reception venues in London. Naturally, drinks reception venues come in all shapes and sizes, so if you have a specific drinks reception brief then use the enquiry form below and our team will ask some suitable venues to contact you with a proposal!

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    Reception Venue Ideas

    Drinks Reception Venue Ideas

    From an event planning perspective, a drinks reception is generally one of the easiest events to organise and allows for the most freedom and flexibility when it comes to live entertainment and performances, whether that is mixing mingling or a focal point of some sort. The events do not necessarily have to have any flow or running order, as guests are generally happy to entertain themselves providing they have good food and good drink being passed around. So when you are looking for your drinks reception venues in London, start by thinking about the number of guests you are going to expect, keeping in mind that the number of guests that you invite may not be the number that actually turn up on the day. Most events that we organise that involve networking or client entertainment will generally have a dropout rate, that is the percentage of people who say they will attend and then do not, which can often be based upon previous events.

    Once you have decided on the number of guests keeping this in mind, you will then simply have to find a venue that suits your crowd and the type of event you wish to plan. This is where the fun starts, and looking through this range of amazing drinks reception venues London has to offer, you will see that there is a fantastic selection of large venuessmall venues, posh venues, Urban spaces, funky, unusual, traditional or soaring sky-scraper drinks reception venues for you to choose from.

    If you think you will be doing the drinks reception event more than once then decide whether you want to hold it at different event space every year and start to think about the venue that would work best the second time round at an early stage, especially if you have a specific date in mind. Alternatively and more importantly, if you think you would want to have your drinks reception at the same venue every year then make sure that it is large enough for your events to grow into, as more people may attend if it is very successful