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OK, we’ll admit that we had some heated debates whilst pooling our shortlist of top cool London venues. It is a little subjective but we are quite confident that everyone from hipsters to eventprofs will agree that these venues are something special when it comes to hosting an event. 

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    Keep It Cool With These Stylish Event Venues

    If you are looking for something to surprise your guests, or venues with wow factor then starting your search heres for the coolest venues London has tucked away is a great idea. Perfect for young audiences, vibrant brands, emerging industries and cutting edge products, the hipsters of the world of venues are also within this shortlist of cool venues in London.

    When you are looking for the perfect cool venues in London, remember that the coolest outcome for your event is that it runs smoothly, your hair doesn’t turn grey and you do not lose site of your goals for the event. It is very important that the planning and preparation is done right, so make sure you don’t get captivated by a cool venues charm and remember to take a step back and check that your event space can accommodate your requirements, without compromise. There are plenty of versatile cool venues in London, so if you are unsure then get in touch with our team

    Many people who search for cool venues will also find inspiration in our funky venues section, as well as our iconic venues and unique London venues shortlists.