London’s Best Cocktail Bars for Christmas Parties

With all of the fantastic themed Christmas parties available in London, a less formal works Christmas do at a cocktail bar sometimes get overlooked, although for those who just want to let their hair down, and have a good time with their friends and colleagues this can be a fantastic idea. For groups of between 30 and 100 guests hiring a cocktail bar in London can be a fantastic way to have exclusivity, by hiring either the whole venue or a private area, without breaking the bank. After all, the ingredients of a good Christmas party are typically good food, good music, a lively atmosphere and plenty to drink, which this selection of our favourite London cocktail bars for Christmas parties will deliver on every aspect. So without further adieu here are our shortlist of the best bars in London for Christmas parties: If you plan to hold your Christmas Party at a bar then it is important to think about all of your guests. If some guests do not drink then it is a good idea to arrange for a selection of exciting non-alcoholic drinks to be available (and clearly intentional) to make them feel welcome. If you have older guests, select an eclectic range of songs. Although bars are not always thought of for their fine foods, you will often find yourself pleasantly surprised with the finger food and specialities such as Basement Sate’s fantastic selection of dessert plates. Speak to the venue manager at any venue you like and see what they will offer!