City Conference Hall Venues

Most event managers will appreciate the smooth and painless process of organising conferences in the function rooms at top London hotels.  They have everything you need and the process has been fine tuned.

However, more and more corporate clients are now looking for a unique conference hall, especially in the city of London, as they compete to dazzle clients and investors, and more so than ever in the city.

If you are looking for a unique conference hall in the city then where better to start than the fantastic Livery Halls, each with its unique charm and character. To help you get started here are some of out favourite Livery conference hall venues…

The Livery Halls are home to the Livery Companies, essentially the old guilds of London. There was a Guild for The Merchant Tailors’, The Drapers’, the Goldsmiths’ and so on, who generally had a bit of a monopoly over their trade, got rich and acquired these amazing buildings.

As a conference hall, these venues may require slightly more thought when it comes to audio visual equipment than the fully fitted modern venues, so find a good production company, ideally one that knows the venue well. (In most cases you can ask the venue who they usually use). That aside, many are now run by contract caterers or have in-house catering, so the process will be quite straightforward.

The end result will amaze your guests, build your brand and make you stand out from the crowd with a Livery Hall for your next conference hall.