When it comes to finding the best Christmas party ideas in London, there are two ways of approaching the task. The first is to find a ready-made shared Christmas party, for which we have found the very best options in London for you and shortlisted them here at the top of this page. The second is to do it yourself, which first means finding an amazing venue, which you will find plenty of at the bottom of this page, and then deciding what type of catering and entertainment you want to have.

Christmas Parties MUST be awesome… we insist!

Right, back to deciding which type of party is best for you. First, let’s consider the shared Christmas party. Who is this for? The shared Christmas party is perfect for small companies with as few as 10 guests generally being accepted, and up to larger groups generally of about 80 to 100 guests. The reason that shared parties are ready-made in terms of theming and entertainment, and with a set venue already chosen, is that they are selling spaces to companies from the very start of January as people try to book themselves into the best events. This is why you should get in touch with us today and see what is still available, as the best events and dates always get sold out. Also, if you have over 80 guests and see a shared event that you like the look of then use any of our enquiry forms to enquire, we can often arrange for such an event to be provided exclusively on a date that hasn’t already been sold, or even at a different venue. If you want to do it yourself our want to find great exclusive Christmas party venues then the collection below should be useful!