Christmas Party Ideas For Work

We know that when it comes to finding Christmas party ideas for work, there is a huge amount to choose from and lots of variety too… so where do you start?

First, have a think about your guests and the type of thing that the majority would like. Whatever you decide, the most important things are usually good food, plenty to drink, music and dancing (unless you are doing something posh or engaging) and an interesting or beautiful setting.

Then have a think about the size of your party and whereabouts you want it to be. Is it going to be close to the office, or are people going to be travelling their from all over London, in which case perhaps a central location would be convenient.

Once you have thought about this then you will find a huge number of amazing Christmas party ideas for work right here, ranging from fabulous themed Christmas parties for groups of all sizes, through to amazing Christmas party venues that allow you to be very creative, although even some have their own ready-made Christmas parties as well.Work Christmas Party Ideas and Venues!

If you have a budget of around £80 per person or more then the shared parties here will be perfect and give you a huge range of themes and styles, even if you have quite a large group. If your group is over 100 guests then you probably want to think about hiring out your own venue, so take a moment to have a look at the venues at the bottom of the list and check the profile pages to see if they have Christmas parties available. Obviously not every company has this type of budget, so if you find yourself stuck then fill in this form below and tell us what you working with, then we will be in touch with some fantastic option suggestions to suit your budget where possible.