Christmas Lunch Venues London

When it comes to finding Christmas lunch venues London is packed full of exciting options. One of the first things to consider is the type of entertainment that you are planning to have. Whether you want it to be a lively and vibrant Christmas luncheon with unusual entertainment options or a classy, elegant affair, perhaps with no entertainment at all or some exquisite live music.

Consider choosing a venue that has the capacity and space to hold an unusual cabaret show or other exciting performance. Another important thing to consider is the size of your party if you are looking for Christmas lunch venues for groups of up to 50 or so people then perhaps consider one of the many shared party venues that the capital has to offer.


If you need some suggestions for fantastic shared Christmas parties at amazing Christmas lunch venues then you can email our team here, for some suggestions. However if your numbers are higher than this then you have a huge amount of control over the Christmas lunch venues London has to offer and can really take your pick!

You may decide that you want to find an elegant and exclusive Christmas lunch venue, or perhaps somewhere very funky and untraditional. When it comes to elegant venues you may decide that the beautiful city Livery Halls are ideal, or perhaps you want to show off the fantastic winter views from some of the stunning skyscrapers venues.

Of course when it comes to finding Christmas lunch venues London is also home to some of the best caterers in the world. Remember that the food is always of utmost importance at a Christmas lunch, so please do take a moment to find out about the catering company who is working at the event. It may be that the venue has in-house caterers, whereas others will have external caterers or even a choice of several. There are pros and cons to each scenario, which is an article in itself!

In the events industry (in London that is) we are used to helping people find their Christmas party venues from January, with many of the best venues, themed events and key dates getting booked up between April and August. Although there is always a huge amount of groans around our office when we have to think about Christmas in the Spring, it is definitely worth keeping in mind, as many of the most exciting, interesting and unique Christmas lunch venues in London, can get snapped up very early on, which is especially important if you have a specific date for your event!

Yo ho ho!