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When searching for the perfect charity dinner halls and venues to hire there are several things that you must take into consideration. It is important to find a balance between the money that you are going to generate for charity and the costs of putting on the event. This will generally boil down to the guests that are coming and the amount you expect them to spend, which can be easy to judge when you have held a similar events in the past, although much harder when you have never done such an event before. 


This selection of charity dinner halls for hire features some of our favourite options in London and have hosted charity fundraiser dinners that have raised a huge margin for their respective charities. However, every charity event and charity dinner is different and will have different goals and different targets that it wishes to achieve, therefore it is always a good idea to get in touch with a team of experts if you are unsure. Fortunately our team of event planners at Love Events are on hand to offer free venue finding advice and support for anyone planning a charity dinner event in London.

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Charity Dinner Venue Finding Tips


When first starting out event planning in London it can seem to many to be overly extravagant spending thousands of pounds on a fancy charity dinner event, when that money could otherwise go to the charity in question. However, after a while you realise that many of these events help to raise millions of pounds, or at least a vast margin over the amount that they put in, which usually boils down to the guests that attend and the methods that the event planners use to extract money from the purse holders. It is important to consider the guests that you have coming and many charities will have their own team of specialists who are responsible for bringing in the big spenders. If you are planning an independent charity dinner event then this is something to keep in mind and if you are unsure then it is a better idea to keep costs as low as possible while still producing a decent event.

Most venues and suppliers are willing to offer special rates and discounts for charity events, so be sure to search for this and ask. Think of ways that you can help these groups publicise their generosity and make that clear when you approach them as the good PR is definitely valuable to them.

Another way to get better deals on venue hire and suppliers costs is to explore off-peak days that may be available. Many venues in London will be willing to offer better charity dinner and charity event rates at times when they are less busy. In different parts of the city this can be different times, for example City of London venues are often quieter on weekends, as well as Mondays and Fridays. For certain charity events these may also be less desirable times and your guests may be less likely to attend, although for certain charitable causes this can in fact be a time when people are more likely to attend. The best thing to do is to speak to the venue manager and straight up ask them when the off-peak days and times are. It is not a secret and many venue managers are actively searching for ways to fill these dates.

From planning hundreds of charity dinners and charity events over the years, our team of event experts have realised that a good charity auctioneer, whether it is a celebrity personality, or a gifted individual can help to loosen the purse strings and increase the amount raised in any charity auction. Another important and often overlooked element to a charity event, is the silent auction, which involves a second auction that runs in parallel to the main auction, with a separate set of prizes. Bidders will traditionally write their bids on a piece of paper, although this is now much more popular to do on an iPad, with specialist charity silent auction suppliers who can manage this element of the event entirely for you.

Charity Dinner Venue ideas

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When it comes to planning a charity dinner event it is always important to take a step back and remember that the end goal is to raise as much money as possible for the charity of your choice. 

This selection of incredible charity dinner venues and halls for hire on this page will give you a few ideas that have worked well for us in the past, although every event is going to have different requirements and targets. It is therefore always a good idea to speak to people who have done this type of thing before, so get in touch with our team for free advice and support. 

Charity dinner halls and venues can come in all shapes and sizes and so it is essential to think about your guests demographics and numbers before you commit to anything. If you are planning a charity dinner then you are doing something fantastic and we wish you every success!