Castle Weddings or Palace Paradise?

Castle Weddings Are Rubbish!

OK wait! Just hear us out… Whilst you will certainly find some charming old stony castle wedding venues elsewhere in the country, London has a very different style. That’s right, here in the capital, wedding couples looking for fairy tale castle weddings are generally forced to upgrade to… *royal drum roll* …a freaking palace wedding!

Do you know the difference between a castle and a palace? When you do, you will be scribbling out the word “Castle” on your wedding wish-list and replacing it with “Palace” quicker than the siege of Fort Sumter.

For those not in the know, a castle is a fortified building (or series of buildings) that are designed to withstand the sieges and attacks of the enemy, whereas a Palace is a building of leisure and luxury, designed to impress visitors and maximize the comfort of its inhabitants.

So unless, you have a SERIOUS phobia of wedding crashers, or are expecting Napolean to show up and ruin your day with his pesky army, this selection of the best palaces in London will satisfy the fairy tale dreams of most any bride to be…

Swipe left / right below to see our top picks for music venues for events in London and click to see each venues full profile…As you can see from the palace venue profiles, these venues exude luxury and finesse. They will leave your guests suitably impressed and dreaming of their own castle wedding.

That being said, we take it back… castle weddings aren’t really rubbish at all. Those amazing ancient, rustic structures, steeped in rich history and charm, can be a be hugely fun, creative and successful wedding location for the right wedding couple. Besides, being king and queen in a castle for a day can’t be that bad!