Burns Night Supper Venues

If you are looking to hire a venue for a Burns Night Supper then this shortlist of our favourite Burns Night venues in London should give you plenty of ideas to get started! If you are looking to hold a Burns Night Supper event on, or close to this date, then now is the time to reserve space at your preferred Burns Night Supper venue. Some of the obvious venues choices (and there is a good reason for that) such as The Caledonian Club (which has been known to host around thirty Burns Night events in a single year!) get booked up especially quickly, so don’t wait around! For those of you scratching your head and thinking Mr Burns should probably not be celebrated, you are probably thinking of the wrong person. It is not the yellow-faced tycoon, but the celebrated Scottish poet Robert Burns, author of many Scots poems. Although the format of the Burns Night event can vary, it tends to start with general welcome and announcements, followed with the Selkirk Grace, plenty of piping and cutting of the haggis, a jovial “Address to a Haggis”, good food followed by a series of toasts and replies. The immortal memory of of Burns’s life and work, is toasted and the event then concludes with the singing of “Auld Lang Syne”. Burns suppers are of course very common in Scotland and also in Northern Ireland,  although we have found recently that there has been a huge boost in popularity and demand for Burns Night Supper venues in the UK events industry. The event is great to be a part of and guests will inevitably leave in good spirits! Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to venues that would be fantastic for a Burns Night Supper event and you will find a whole range of interesting venues in our Banqueting Venues section, as well as our Dinner Dance Venues section. The London Livery Halls would also make good Burns Night venues, as they are geared up for events with historic customs and formalities.