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Blank canvas venues give event planners a level of freedom and license for creativity that other venues cannot offer. They can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from urban blank canvas warehouse event spaces, to bare-wall open-plan function rooms, to slick and contemporary galleries and creative event space. Start your search for a black canvas venue in London here.

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    Get Creative With Blank Canvas London Venues

    If you are searching for blank canvas venues, be sure that you have a real vision for your event, as when it comes down to making your events visuals and atmosphere, this is all down to you. Aptly named, the blank canvas event spaces are ready for your artistic touch and without can sometimes remain a little bland and boring. That said, many of the best blank canvas venues featured on this website have their own distinct style and character that help create the right aura & ambience for a wide range of events.

    Our team of venue finders & event planners have an extensive network of suppliers on hand to help you transform a blank canvas venue into a masterpiece is one of the times when we would consider the professional advice of an event management company. Blank canvas venues are perfect for events such as exhibitions, product launches and workshops, as they tend to leave plenty of open space to allow for the various elements you require. Whilst many decorated venues will suit certain brans but not others, these blank canvas venues can be made to reflect any brand that you like. For the same reason receptions and parties are also well placed at blank canvas venues, allowing for all sorts of unusual entertainment options.

    A blank canvas venue is certainly not always without character and this is especially true in London, where blank canvas event spaces will feature a huge variety of designs and styles. In fact, as you will see from the selection of top blank canvas options London has to offer, it is often hard to find two that look the same! For advice, support and ideas, start your event at a blank canvas venue by contacting our venue finding team below, who will be delighted to help!