Okay, so we keep on banging on about all of these fantastic venues up on the roof tops in London. Yet one of the most awesome things about London is the fact that there are often the most surprising and amazing venues underground, beneath your very feet!

From secret underground bars and clubs, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, to captivating themed underground venues that will make guests forget themselves, there is something very cool and seductive about underground spaces. This makes them especially amazing venues for events with an unlawful  theme such as prohibition events, as well as seductive events such as burlesque or boudoir settings.

Underground Event Space

As an event organiser, one of the most reassuring things, when it comes to venue selection, is when guests enter a venue and find themselves completely taken aback by an extraordinary setting in a very ordinary place. For more amazing venues you can check out our funky venues and warehouse venues!

From speaking to venue managers at a range of these secret and amazing underground event spaces, one thing that is generally true is that summer is a slightly quieter due to the lack of sun.

So, if you are planning on organising an event during the summer months and does not require outdoor space, then do consider these underground venues, as they will often be open to negotiating a favourable rate, as you will be helping them fill dates that are generally not in high demand.